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Environmental, professional, cultural sustainability

In Graphos, sustainability isn't just a noun; it's a daily commitment for our company and concerns the choice of suppliers, partners who share our vision of present and sustainable future.

All our choices are focused on the right use of resources for the best possible result, continually implementing due diligence to make them applicable to current customer requests.

Sustainability, environment
sustainable raw materials

All the objects that accompany our life are the result of a process starting from raw materials. At Graphos, for example, we use cellulose for most of our work.

Let's talk about paper, then.

There are all types and at different costs: our daily attention is directed to suppliers, distributors or paper mills committed to selecting raw materials from sustainable production cycles.  

To ensure this sustainability, the raw material usually has a cost  higher than the best offers on the market; at Graphos we have learned to choose not only on the basis of price.


We manage our business in such a way as to reward the most virtuous choices, serving our customers with the best possible services at advantageous prices and supporting our suppliers in the same way with profitable and lasting collaborations; because supporting those who work well is as important to us as respecting nature and the environment.

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