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The GRAPHOS cards

Subscription cards

Do you want to print or copy in black and white in self-service at the best cost? Graphos recommends one of the available cards, with various solutions and at different prices.  

With the GRAPHOS card:

  • print with the automated self-service workstations

  • print files from internet / cloud  

  • use your USB storage / driver

  • copy your paper documents   ​


With a GRAPHOS card you can also get discounts on the cost of color prints / copies.

GRAPHOS offers seasonal promotions on its products and services: with your GRAPHOS card you can get  additional discounts.

Remember: printing self-service does not mean "no assistance"; if you need an help for printing correctly your job, the GRAPHOS operator is ready to give you  support. 

graphos verona
graphos verona

Come to the store and visit us: you will be updated on the news and you will be given all the information to customize and manage your next GRAPHOS card.

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